World Environment Day

World Environment day 2019 – Come together hand in hand to overcome the problem of Air Pollution.

Every year, 5th of June is celebrated as the World Environment Day. Saving & preserving nature is of utmost importance in today’s world. With Global warming becoming a red flag, it is time for all of us to work towards the betterment of nature. The main aim of World Environment day is to raise awareness among the general public and enable them to bring about a change for the better. Every year, the focus shifts onto a specific element. The focus this time around is on Air Pollution. So, what better way to contribute to fight the alarming issue? Well, there has been no better time to get yourself a handy device which does the job at its finest the AirTamer, a device one of its kind. A chargeable device with the capability to run 150 hours on full capacity. This device can get you clean air within the radius of 3 feet enabling you to stay away from all kinds of smoke, dirt & pollution. With zero noise pollution & its light weight this device is the one to get. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself the A310 AirTamer today & be a part of the movement.

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