Review of India’s first ever personalised air purifier AirTamer A310

Features & Specifications of the AirTamer A310

The AirTamer is a light weighted, compact & personalised air purifying device which runs on the principle of prevention is better than cure. This personal air purifier runs on an impressive lithium-ion battery which goes on for about 150 hours in one go & not only that but this device takes 3 hours to charge to full capacity. The AirTamer A310 Air Purifier is that one gadget which plans to enable you to have clean air wherever you go and at any given point of time. Although the device is on the expensive side yet it can be looked onto as a onetime investment. it isn’t like your typical air purifiers.

How does the device go about doing its job

The gadget uses electrostatic cleansing innovation to set a 3-feet span of cleaner air in your personal physical space. As this gadget is made to be worn around your neck, you can make certain the air you inhale is dust free & cleansed. The AirTamer A310 Air Purifier is fit for evacuating air toxins up to 875% superior to the closest contenders. This implies smoke, infections, and microbes usually untraceable to be completely eradicated, unlike every other gadget which serves the same purpose.

Benefits of the AirTamer A310

The AirTamer helps one tackle cold & flu viruses & it also has no filters so, the gizmo doesn’t make a tad bit of noise due to no filters, which makes it unnoticeable. The device has been designed in a particular way that it looks appealing and eye-catching which also makes it quite trendy in my opinion. The AirTamer comes with a lanyard and that’s what makes it so travel-friendly.

The technical aspect of the AirTamer A310

As far as the idea behind the technology is concerned the usage of negative ions to do the filtering here is a unique approach as to how this device functions. Not going by the name “Negative” the ions utilized do bring in positive results and continue to clean air sufficiently.

AirTamer air purifier


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The AirTamer A310 Air Purifier is a standout amongst the most intriguing air purifying gadgets available. There’s no uncertainty that numerous organizations have endeavored to deliver a definitive versatile air purifier and it’s astounding to see that an organization may have at last figured out how to do it! You can bear the AirTamer A310 with you anyplace you go to guarantee clean air. This gadget is totally worth every penny you spend on it.