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A personal wearable air purifier can be the answer to India’s air pollution woes

India’s air pollution woes are known to every citizen. People have been struggling to be able to breathe clean and healthy air. There are many steps that are being taken by different organizations for betterment of our environment. On the contrary, there are companies and individuals who are adding on to the worsening of air quality in India. Unregulated transportation, toxic smog release from chimneys of multiple factories and burning of wastes are few of the main reasons for the deadly increase in air pollution in India.

All of us need to grow more and more plants and trees so that the air around us gets better in quality. To protect ourselves, we need to improve our diet by taking foods and drinks rich in anti-oxidants so that our body is able to detoxify itself from the gruesome effects of inhaling polluted air. From areas with low pollution level, people can use air pollution masks in order to protect themselves for poisonous air. Places where the air pollution level is reaching heights, it is must for them to include home air purifier technology inside their home. Protection inside our home is way more important than protection from air pollution outside as it is a known fact that pollution level inside is way more dangerous and harmful for our health than outside. Hence, it is the best option for everyone to install a home air purifier.

But for a person who has to be outside most of its time, home air purifier is completely useless. And if the person is living in the place with high pollution level then air pollution masks will not make any difference. Hence, for the people tied up in such situation, wearable air purifiers are a rescue. In India, only two personal air purifiers are available- AirTamer A310 and Invisiclean IC301. Out of the two, AirTamer is loved by many as it provides amazing protection from air pollution everywhere, every time. Let’s learn more about this air purifier-

AirTamer A310- A wearable air purifier to your rescue


This latest technology is not known to many. One can easily wear this air purifier around his/her neck with the provided strap and carry it literally everywhere possible. AirTamer A310 works on advanced ionic technology in which millions of ions are emitted per second from the little black brush on top. These negative charged ions on emitting attach themselves to the particles or air pollution like pollutants, cigarette smoke, smog, allergens, etc. and transfer their charge upon them. Then those negatively charged particles get attracted to the positively charged surfaces around them. Therefore, the path of your passage is free of pollution particles. It actually creates a sphere of 3feet around your head and the invisible is supposed to keep the pollution away from you. This air purifier does not work with HEPA filters and hence there is no hassle of replacing or changing the filters. Also, you do not need to continuously supply power to make it work rather it simply charges with the included USB cable just like your mobile phone. The best thing about the air purifier is that it does not have any built-in fans or motors and works in complete silence. You can easily wear it and carry it anywhere as it is as small as your debit card. You can also feel the ions emitting by bringing the black brush near your lips as the ions will tickle a bit. There is an indicator light in the back of the purifier which turns green when the purifier is in purification mode and turns red when it is being charged.

All these amazing features makes this wearable air purifier a must have for the citizens of India. You can wear it in public places like metro, market, airport and where not! It is also supposed to prevent attacks for asthma patients. Likewise, any person with pulmonary diseases can wear it as it is supposed to protect them from all the dust and pollution. You can buy it from flipkart, amazon and GlobalKart.

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