Best Air Purifier in India

Best Air Purifier in India

It is an undeniable fact that heavy rains in India have improved the air quality but the air pollution is still making the air unbreathable for the citizens. Slowly and steadily people are taking measures to contribute in the reduction of air pollution but air quality will improve organically and till then, people need to take quick and effective measures in order to save themselves from the deadly pollution.

Although elders, children and pregnant women are most likely to get effected by the high concentration of pollutants in air, but even healthy people can easily get health problems when minute particles like PM 2.5 are inhaled. Hence, it is very essential for everyone to protect their health so they don’t fall ill.

People are advised to wear air pollution masks as they are affordable and effective in filtering the air but in places with heavy pollution, wearing mask is not enough. Their shelf life reduces and the regular purchases of even the cheapest masks make a hole in your pocket. The second best option for people living in highly polluted areas are home purifiers. There is a wide range of best air purifier in Indian market that helps you breathe air at home. People usually think that they are safe from pollution inside their home but it is just the opposite. Many researches have proved that it is 5times more dangerous to breathe inside your home than outside hence this makes the home air purifiers the second best option for air pollution.

The best solution to India’s gruesome pollution is personal air purifiers that you can just wear around neck and carry it everywhere. There are only two air purifiers available in the Indian market and those are- AirTamer A310 and Invisiclean IC103. Out of these two,  Best air purifier in India is AirTamer A310 is anyday a better option. Let’s learn more about the perfect protection from air pollutants, germs, etc.


AirTamer A310 is India’s first best air purifier that highly efficient in protecting you from air pollution anytime, anywhere. It is a personal air purifier that you can simply wear around your neck. It works on advanced ionic technology in which approximately two million negative ions are emitted per second by the tiny black brush on top. These negative ions when released attach themselves to air pollutants and allergens and pass their charge on it. Then these negatively charged pollutants stick to the positively charged surfaces around it and 3-feet zone of cleaner and healthier air is created around you.

Why AirTamer is the best air purifier in India

airtamer working process

AirTamer A310 is the perfect protection from deadly air pollution for you and your family. There is  no filter to be replaced or cleaned and hence it can be easily maintained. AirTamer can be easily charged with the provided USB cable and its single charge lasts for more than 150hours. Unlike regular home air purifiers, it has no in-built fans or motors and makes no noise. Its compact size and stylish design makes it a perfect protection from viruses in workplaces or in public transports where other purifiers fail to work. It comes with a wearable strap that keeps AirTamer near your chest for the highest efficiency.

It does not only protect you from pollutants and allergens but cigarette smoke and viruses as well. If you hate passive smoking, it is your perfect partner as it gives proven relief from cigarette smoke in seconds.

You know AirTamer A310 is working the green light is on and you can even feel the emitting ions if you place the brush near your lips.


Do not let the air pollution affect your and your loved ones anymore. Take the help of quality air purifiers that provide instant relief from air pollution and start incorporating and eliminating habits that degrade the air quality. We shall keep trying to make our environment healthy and our city a better place to live.

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