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Top ways to protect your family and friends from toxic smog during Diwali


Last year during Diwali, residents of many cities in India woke up to toxic smog that had decreased the visibility to a greater extent. It happened even after the Supreme Court of India restricted the time duration for setting off firecrackers to only two hours at the festival night. When the court ban couldn’t control the descending air quality, then we need to realize that it is us who have to take measures to protect ourselves and our family from the toxic air.


Protection from air pollution isn’t just for people with pulmonary diseases rather; people with good health and immune system can also suffer from major health problems by inhaling polluted air. The air purification becomes really essential around Diwali as no matter how many restrictions are applied; people will find their ways to burn crackers and pollute the air.

Below mentioned are some ways by which you can protect your family and friends from the toxic smog during Diwali-

Wear personal air purifiers

Wear personal air purifiers

It is very important to wear personal air purifiers during Diwali as they let you breathe clean and healthy air wherever you go. In India, only two of the kind air purification device are available- AirTamer A310 and Invisiclean IC-103.

Avoid morning walk

Exercising is never more important than your health and morning time generally has the highest concentration of pollutants in the air.  People should wait till the smoke settles to walk, jog or engage in any other outdoor activity. These activities should be shifted to evening hours and personal air purifiers should be worn for better protection.

Grow air purifying plants

Grow air purifying plants

You can place air-purifying plants such as Aloe Vera, Ivy and Spider Plant in the home and offices. They help in purifying indoor air and minimize indoor pollution.

Eat healthy food

Eat healthy food

Your diet should include foods with more vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acid, and magnesium. These elements help your body in beating the negative effects of polluted air. Jaggery (Gur) can help flush out pollutants from the lungs and can be consumed after meals or as a replacement for sugar.

Take steam regularly

Take steam regularly

Steam helps in relaxing your air-passages and helps to remove the harmful particulate matter from your body. Try adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the water every day for better results.

Drink herbal tea

Having tulsi or ginger herbal tea once or twice a day is extremely healthy for minimizing pollution effects

Purify the air inside your car

Roll down your window when you start the car in the morning to let the air circulate. Then, run car AC in indoor circulation mode to minimize the PM 2.5 level considerably.

Ventilate your house

To ventilate your house, remember to open the windows and doors between 3 pm – 5 pm to allow the air to circulate. When it’s a sunny day, the concentration of PM 2.5 at this time slot is the lowest in the air.

Use air-purifiers for home

Air purifiers help keep the air inside your house clean and healthy. It is essential to use the air purifier in kids’ room, elder’s room and in the room of the pregnant lady as they are prone to the harmful effects of the toxic air.

Air Pollution is not a joke Many people forget the deadly consequences of inhaling poor air and do not take any measures in order to protect themselves. It is very important for everyone to realize that it is not safe to breathe harmful pollutants and we all should incorporate the above-mentioned points in our daily life in order to prevent any harmful effect of air pollution on our body.

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